Our team is formed by a group of experienced professionals where our job is taking you on the best fishing spots of South America and for this we customized  your adventure according your likes, wishes and objectives.

Ocellus Fishing supports the sport fishing and for this reason we only work with places that practice the catch and release.






We are a Brazilian company specialized by sport fishing operations that maintain partnerships with the best lodges and hotels of South America.


We are immersed by the best fishing places in the world and the diversity of destinations bring us a huge and wide fishing options, by species as well as modalities.

We Works on exclusives Rivers for the Fly Fishing practice, with bilingual and local guides that have a lot of experience that helps you to know and understand everything regarding different techniques used by each operation. This also happens by Baitcasting.

On all our destinations you always will be accompanied by experienced guides that will help you to take the best for your fishing, enjoying on the best way your experience with Ocellus Fishing.



We are attentive to your comments. Just fill out the information, write your message and send it. It will be forwarded directly to us.

Tel: +55 (41) 99238-4411



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